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Getting Started

Building and Running

One of our goals is to make Hazel as easy as possible to build - if you’re having any difficulties or weird errors, please let me know. We currently only support building on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2019. You also need the following installed and in your path:

Assuming that’s all installed and ready to go, you can proceed with the following:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone --recursive
  2. Run Scripts/Setup.bat - this will download required libraries and make sure everything is setup correctly
  3. Open Hazel.sln and build either Debug or Release x64 - Hazelnut should be the startup project so really you can just hit F5 to build and debug the startup project. By default, this will load the Sandbox project found in Hazelnut/SandboxProject/Sandbox.hproj
  4. Open Hazelnut/SandboxProject/Sandbox.sln and build in either Debug or Release. This will build the C# module of the Sandbox project which is necessary to properly play the various scenes in the project.

Pulling the latest code

The master branch is required to always be stable, so there should never be any build errors or major faults. Once you’ve pulled the latest code, remember to run Scripts/Setup.bat again to make sure that any new files or configuration changes will be applied to your local environment.

Next Steps

Probably an overview of Hazelnut and the basic architecture.